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by:Unigreat Smart Bulb     2020-07-11
The beats headphones are great for iPods, iPhones, and portable audio players. They deliver the full sound that you're supposed to be hearing. Being powered headphones you also get increased volume. The ear cups are well padded, providing a high level of comfort for prolonged listening. The right ear cup has a mute button hidden behind the 'b' logo, whilst the left ear cup houses the noise cancelling switch. So what's in the box? Well in addition to the Monster includes a variety of accessories in the stylish red packaging. There are two, thick 3.5mm audio cables--one red for standard MP3 players and one black with a built-in microphone for use with your music phones (iPhone, smart phones etc) each about 4 feet long. You also get a dual-pronged airplane adapter and a quarter-inch adapter for use with your home audio system. In addition a hard-shell carrying case with a karabiner attached, is included. The Beats also come with a cleaning cloth to keep them looking good. The Dr Dre range comes in a number of different styles, colours and prices. You can also get in-ear buds if that's your preference. HP and the hip hop world have combined and the result is the new Dr Dre laptop. With the holidays upon us and the Dr Dre laptop commercials showing constantly on TV, many people are wondering whether they should buy the HP Envy (the technical name of the computer). If you are concerned with audio and looks, you'll love this notebook. First, this computer gives you a lot more control over your audio output. There are advanced levels of sound options that you will not find with other computers. Physically, the laptop is in all black with a sleek red Beats by Dre logo on the back. For performance in the dark, the keyboard (much like that of a Mac) has a back light. As far as performance, Dre's notebook comes with a solid processor to help with computer speed and has good battery life compared to that of other similar models. Note that if you plan on traveling often or carrying your pc around that this is a heavier model at about 5 lbs so it's not the most mobile. The retail price from HP is $1,149 for the basic package. However, HP's recommended package will run you $1449.99 and there are other upgrades you can make which will add to the price and features. While the price is decent, buying the Dr Dre laptop becomes even more desirable when you consider you get a pair of Beats by Dre headphones with the purchase. These are top of the line headphones that cost $300 individually. Birthdays are usually looked upon with excitement or with dread but receiving birthday gifts no matter how birthdays are looked upon is the fun part about any birthday. If they are great gifts, it makes birthdays a lot easier and a lot more fun. No one wants to give a gift that will be hidden away never to be touched again or even worse, 're-gifted'.
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