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The more you know about the mind set and methodology

by:Unigreat Smart Bulb     2020-09-06
The primary entry point for a burglar is the same as yours - a door. Burglars are masters at picking locks, using credit cards to slip the bolt, jimmy it with a screwdriver, kick it off the hinges, or simply try until they find an unlocked door. Glass doors are very susceptible to forced entry, especially those that are not facing the main road. A brick through the glass or a crowbar to rip it from the track is easy enough done. According to home security reviews, any swinging door can be secured with a standard door sensor, while a glass break sensor or motion sensor is better suited for the sliding glass patio door. Either one will work; a combination of the two is close to fail safe. Windows are a close second for a burglar who wishes to gain illegal entry to your home. During the summer months, windows are often left open to allow for air flow, allowing the burglar to simply crawl through. Windows are often neglected and left unlocked. Small openings to a burglar are just as good as a large opening. They can easily reach in with various tools of the trade and unlock the window or door. Windows can be protected with standard window sensors, glass break sensors or motion sensors. A combination of window or glass break sensors is good for bedrooms and motion sensors are good for large areas such as the living or dining rooms. Protect America reviews its product lines continuously to make sure the market is getting easy access to the best tools available to defeat a burglar.
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