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Pinhole cameras is not the same for surveillance

by:Unigreat Smart Bulb     2020-06-13
First, you should considere small size, light weight, long life, easy installation and repair. As CCD surveillance camera comes with the above characteristics, and free from magnetic interference, anti-vibration, high sensitivity and good image reproducibility etc., therefore, in demanding situations, you can give priority to CCD security cameras. Besides, 2:1 interlaced camera is better than random interlaced camera. The light-conduct camera's horizontal resolution should be more than 500 lines, but solid camera not less than 420 lines. As for SNR, greater than 45dB is the best choice. What's more, the automatic gain digital video camera will be good. At the same time, the choice of pinhole cameras for surveillance system should be based on the monitoring target and monitoring applications. Different pinhole camera for different sensitivity of illumination, in that ensure that the quality of the picture. The minimum environmental illumination of the monitoring target should be 10 times then the low-light of pinhole camera, which is the experience of the project value in outdoor surveillance objectives. vision machine of its brightness generally the lowest 10lx from night to sunny day at noon the following 5 x 104 ~ 10 1010lx, the magnitude of changes is quite large, only with automatic pressure control target is to adapt the camera to monitor targets such a wide range of illumination, therefore, should be automatic iris control lens. In the interior of the monitored target, if allowed to set up lighting equipment, according to the lighting environment, select the appropriate illumination of the camera.
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