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Pets are one of life's greatest joys. But the hair

by:Unigreat Smart Bulb     2020-08-31
Odorizing Filter---A carbon-based filter is best for odors. Having a purifier that contains a substantial amount of activated carbon will go a long way to absorbing the odors from the air. Odors that can be eliminated range from the smell of the skin oil produced by the sebaceous glands, something your pet rolled in outside and brought in with it, or even cooking odors from dinner last night. The bottom line is that for gaseous pollutants carbon is renowned for its cleaning capabilities; and any purifier you want to be effective should have one. Ability to Remove Urine Smell---As a pet owner, you don't need anyone to tell you that accidents are going to happen. If you were afraid of that you probably wouldn't be flexible enough to open your home to a pet. So it only makes sense to choose a cleaner that can step up and improve the air quality when this happens. As wonderful as carbon is at getting rid of odors, urine (particularly that of cats) is strong stuff. Look for a cleaner that not only has carbon, but one that contains an additive that is specifically designed to eliminate urine. Should an accident happen when you're not around, you will have a cleaner that is already at work removing the smell. Micron-Sized Filter---One of the most potent allergens known is pet dander. These micron-sized pieces of dead skin are being shed continually by your pet to make way for newer, healthier skin. This is process is a normal and healthy part of their growth and development, and will continue for as long as you have your pet. A HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter is what is needed to remove these invisible (to the unaided human eye) from the air. Many times it is an allergy to the dander that causes owners to have to think about finding another home for their pet. Keeping the dander down will literally help everyone in the house breathe cleaner air. Easy Maintenance Procedure---If you want to spend your leisure time the way you want to, checking on the required maintenance before you decide rather than afterwards is a good idea. Some cleaners require that you wash, spray, and/or charge the filter frequently. A better choice is a filter that does not require you to do anything on the inside of the cleaner. Why? Because having to go inside the unit frequently means interrupting filtration. And when filtration stops, pollutants start to accumulate immediately. The whole purpose of filtration is to keep the air quality high all the time. Vacuuming the outside of the cleaner whenever you vacuum your home is all the maintenance a unit should require. And a filter with a pro-rated warranty that can last for at least 5 years is an excellent indication that the filter will last. Continuous Cleaning Capability---As wonderful as all of these features are, they don't mean much unless the unit can operate safely and effectively 24 hours a day. To do this it needs to have a split capacitor motor that is designed for high revolutions per minute. Look in the owner's manual or at the technical specifications on line to make sure this type of motor is in any unit you consider.
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