In the current era of information and physical security

by:Unigreat Smart Bulb     2020-07-22
The access control system thus in layman terms is the practice of allowing authorized persons to access a particular property, building, space etc. Humans are capable of achieving the physical access control, for instance, bouncers, bodyguards etc. by mechanical means like the locks and keys. The access control system typically comprises of an access control point which in general cases are as follows: The very basic construct includes an electric lock that can be unlocked by the authorized person using a switch. Whereas in an automated condition the authorized person is replaced by a reader which may be a keypad where a code could be entered or a biometric reader where the fingerprint could be matched. To have a better understanding of the concept of the functioning of such system it can be stated as: when a specific credential, mostly in the form of a code, is presented to the reader it sends the information to an extremely reliable processor. The processor then compares the input with the control list that is already present and based on the match it may either grant or deny the request provided. The denial is often visualized in the form of red LED flashlight where as an access granted with the green LED light. Again, the input provided rather the authenticating information can be of three types: firstly, the user knows the password, PIN i.e, the input; secondly, the user may possess a smart card, swiping which will help grant access and lastly the provider might be verified by biometric measurements where an individual is matched based on the fingerprint. A password has most commonly been used and allows verifying the user's identity before providing access. Now in addition to this there also exists a fourth category of authentication where a third person other than the user knows the password and usually comes into play when there is an abnormal scenario like the user has forgotten their smart cards so in such cases the third person is authorized to provide the missing input.
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