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For the safety of your snake it is best to always

by:Unigreat Smart Bulb     2020-08-07
How to switch your snake over to pre-killed. > Make sure the snake is hungry. Skipping a feeding for a week will help out with this. > Thaw out the frozen food by putting it in a zip lock bag and submerging that in hot water in a container. DO NOT use a microwave to thaw out the rodent as this will cook it internally which is not good for your snake (most won't even go near cooked meat) and it stinks! > Place the thawed rodent in the thawing container after emptying the water and set it right next to the snake's tank. Leave it there for about 30 to 45 minutes. This is called pre-scenting the room and it basically gets the snake's attention. > Wait about 20 to 30 minutes with the room being pre-scented and then hold the rodent up to a heat lamp for about 10 or 15 seconds. You don't want to cook the rodent at all, only to heat it up a little bit. Snakes that hunt by heat detection will appreciate your efforts as well as those which hunt by smell. > Present the rodent to the snake using tongs. Don't jam it in its face let the snake come to the rodent. It can take several minutes before the snake investigates. All the while hold the rodent with the tongs don't just throw it in the cage and leave. > Once the snake is interested in the rodent and is approaching move it around a little with the tongs. That will give it the appearance of life. Can't honestly say if snakes care one way or another but it seems to help in most instances. > This is the part where the patience comes in. We've sat there for 2 hours playing 'cat and mouse' with the snake and the rodents at the end of the tongs before the snake either ate or crawled off into its hide. If the snake strikes and eats great, but it might not happen the first time. > If the snake doesn't eat simply put everything away and wash up and try again next week. Sometimes the snake just has to get hungry enough. You can reuse the same rodent just refreeze it. I do not recommend using it more than twice. If after the 2nd week the snake isn't taking it throw it out and start with a new rodent. These methods should only be used if you have a very stubborn snakes (such as a farmed Ball Python), and have had no success with the above methods. >Thaw the mouse/rat out in chicken broth. I know this sounds crazy, but many people have found that this will entice the snake to eat. Towel off the mouse before feeding however, you just want it to smell like broth not be drenched in it. >Put the snake in a covered container with the thawed out rodent for a few hours. This will lead to the snake eating the thawed rodent on occasion. >Braining... This is probably the most disgusting method... It works well though. Take a razor or knife and slit the thawed rodents head open until some of the brain matter is exposed and the juices come out. A lot of times this really excites the snake and they will take the mouse. I know it sounds like a lot of trouble but at the end of the day your snake's life is in your hands and it is your responsibility to keep it safe at all times.
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