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Baby car seat alarm cushion

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Baby seat cushion mat for anti-forget kids in car remmind device alarm pad

Baby seat cushion mat for anti-forget kids in car remmind device alarm pad
the car seat cushion mat for anti-forget kid in car, which is designed to prevent parents from forgetting that the child is smothered in the car. The working principle of the product is simple, stable and reliable: when the child sits on the cushion, the cushion will send out a Bluetooth signal which is received by the parent's smartphone, and the Bluetooth signal value is normal and stable. When the parents bring the mobile phone away from the child's cushion to a certain distance, the Bluetooth signal value that the mobile phone can receive decreases. When it drops to a certain value, the cushion and the mobile phone will alarm at the same time. At this time, the parents immediately realize that the child has been left in the car. Prevent the tragedy from happening.
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Basic Properties .

Electrical Properties:

Rated Voltage

1.9-3.6V CR2450 battery

Rated Current

208uA and 0.6uA

Operating Power


                                         Mechanical Properties:

Cloth fabric

Neoprene, Spandex, SBR, lint


Latex, EVA




PET polyester

Product dimensions

Diameter 21±1(cm)

Voice volume



Free Android APP and ios APP

Environmental Properties:

Operation Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +70°C


Product advantage:

01. APP: We provide free APP for customers to use, and we will always upgrade and optimize APP, continue to give customers the best experience.

02. Easy to use: Only need smart phone to download the APP and activate the device to achieve interconnection, every time the child sits on the cushion and ensures that the APP is in a working state, so the whole system will be working.

03. Ultra-low power consumption: This product uses CR2450 battery, if maintains 2 hours of daily use, it can last for more than 3 years.

04. Daily waterproof and easy disassemble for cleaning: The surface fabric is laminated with diving material 3 layers, which can be waterproof to daily splashing and protect the internal electronic structure. This product adopts the separate design, which can be freely removed and washed if it is inadvertently get dirty.

05. Sitting feels comfortableThe inner liner of this product is made of latex, which is soft and not easily deformed.

06. Security Assurance: The product uses a low-power battery and can withstand high temperatures up to 70 degrees, no need worrying about the hidden danger of the battery.

07. All parts of this product comply with ROHS, REACH, CE, and FCC.

08. This seat cushion mat can be with 3 warning: (1.)APP warning. (2.)Phone text warning. (3.)Phone voice warning. So far the basic needs are APP warning and Phone text warning.



1. Do not use this product in a humid environment or a high-temperature open flame environment.

2. Do not superimpose any other objects on the product, so as not to affect the sensor function.

3. Do not press the product with sharp objects, so as not to damage the sensor function.

4. If the seat adapted to the product is too soft, it may affect the sensitivity of the sensor.

5. If you find that your cushion mat cannot connect to the phone, please restart the APP or restart the phone’s Bluetooth.

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