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When the battery indicator hints that the laptop's charge is about to get exhausted either you need to connect the computer to an AC adapter or risk getting the system turned off. If you need to use your laptop quite a lot while you are travelling when a electrical outlet is unavailable, improving the computer's battery life should be one of your first concerns. A plethora of power-saving strategies can be availed to boost a laptop's battery capacity. The steps are considerably simple and don't really call for any remote tech support. Implement each of the following plans of action to ensure that your laptop runs for a much longer period of time. Backlight Levels If you have the tendency of keeping your laptop screen excessively illuminated, it exhausts the battery power considerably. The brightness of the laptop screen can be dimmed when you are working on a software that has a light background. In addition to this, screen savers that use intricate animations and graphics use up a lot more charge compared to the dimmed display. Alter the productivity tool or the keyboard shortcut to properly tune the laptop's screen. Power Management With the help of Windows power management tools, you can easily lower the screen brightness or completely switch off the screen. The settings can be changed in such a way that the computer automatically goes into the low-power sleep mode when it remains inactive for a specific period of time. If you require expert insight in activating the Windows power management tools, you can go to any computer technical support website. After the power management tools are turned on, you can be rest assured that your laptop's battery power would be saved as the computer would automatically slip into the power-saving mode when it stays inactive for the time period specified by you. Charge Cycle Care The manner in which you charge and discharge your laptop's battery is a determinant factor in deciding how long the battery would be able to hold charge. However, the tactics of charging and discharging a battery has a lot to do with the type of battery used in your laptop. While nickel-metal hydride battery's capacity improves with frequent charge and discharge cycles, in case of lithium-ion batteries, it is unadvisable to fully discharge the battery. Implementing the charge cycles properly can be quite effective if you wish to fix computer's battery related issues. Tools and tasks A host power-intensive background tools are often run by users which tend to drain significant amount of laptop's battery. Shut down any tools that are not imperative to your system's operation and at the same time, restrict the amount of scheduled tasks run by you. Take online computer help if you need expert advice.
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